Officer Activity Database (New)  Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

Officer Activity Database

Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

Track the daily activity of an officer.

The Officer Activity Database is designed to track the daily activity of your officers, including how they spend their time during their shift. This specialized software can track officer activity such as arrests, premise checks, reports written and traffic citations or warnings, as well as track sick time, vacation time, overtime, comp time, and special leave time. Additionally, software can be customized to track specified activities.

The software includes 170 concise, easy-to-read reports, including instant “Year-to-Date” reports to compare activity from year to year. See all of the features below.

  1. Track and document all of your officers and employees Daily Activity Records.
  2. Track exactly how your officers and employees are spending their every minute.
  3. Track comp time and leave time accounts carried over from year to year.
  4. Track vacation time, comp time, special leave time, and sick time usage.
  5. Track vehicle usage with miles driven daily.
  6. Keep track of all the different types of activity that each officer performs daily, such as assists, calls and contacts, code enforcement, follow-ups, handling abandoned vehicles, reports written, business and premise checks and any other activity you want to define.
  7. Track all of your officers' traffic activity. You can track each violation and the total number of citations issued and warnings given daily or for any specified time period.
  8. Track each type and the number of arrests that are made by each officer daily.

And with Smart Technology. Saving you time by automating tasks.

  • There are over 170 different reports that quickly allow you to see “Year-to-Date” totals for each type of activity and a “Year-to-Year” comparison for each category.
  • Includes 8 report categories that allow you to produce reports and determine what records appear on either a detail or summary report about each type of activity, the amount of time-spent per activity, and traffic activity.
  • Includes Day-of-Week Charts that allow you to track all that is happening including common trends for the following: calling in sick, working overtime, vacation days, training, court time, and comp time.
  • Easily and quickly attach associated computer files to your activity records, including text documents, spreadsheet, scanned documents, graphs, charts, photographs and more...
  • On screen Help. When you click the help button the information presented directly corresponds to the current page—no digging for the information you need.
  • Access to on-screen HELP from every screen
  • Free technical assistance during office hours

Officer Activity Database $1,000.00. Package prices are available.

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