Administrative / Internal Affairs Software Suite  Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

Administrative / Internal Affairs Software Suite

Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

This software will enable law enforcement and police administrators and managers to maintain staff records at the touch of a button regarding:

  • Use of Force
  • Officer Involved Accidents
  • Complaints
  • Awards
  • Personnel Documents and Events

Be prepared as an administrator in case you're subpoenaed to court!

  • Early warning alert features that let you set the limit on the number of chargeable accidents, citizen complaints, and use of force incidents for each officer, within a time period that you establish.
  • On-screen warnings alert you when those limits have been met.
  • Alerts for when evaluations and merit increases are due.
  • Quickly produce Complaint Letters to both the employee who received the complaint and the complainant, keeping them updated on complaint status.
  • Document Linking Technology: Quickly and easily link, attach and associate documents to any record in the database, including text files, scanned documents, spreadsheets, graphs, photos and many other file types.
  • Access to on-screen HELP from every screen
  • Free technical assistance during office hours
  • Customizable drop-down lists to fit individual department's needs.
  • Numerous report options that let you establish the criteria for the records included on each report.
  • Concise and easy to use features to quickly collect and distribute professional reports.

Professional Standards / Internal Affairs Software Administrative Suite $1,700.00.
Package prices available.

Don't let the low cost confuse you because competitors want 10x as much for their software. We are in business to help you and to give back to Law Enforcement, where our designer spent his career as a Detective and Crime Analyst. Keeping our costs down is just one way we can do that. Compare for yourself — try our software free for 30 days.

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