Specialized Law Enforcement & Police Software

Specialized Law Enforcement Databases
& Police Software

L.E.A. Data Technologies develops software for police departments, law enforcement agencies, the military and security companies.

The software programs were originally developed by a veteran detective and crime analyst with extensive input from patrol officers and detectives with years of experience and practical insight.why priced so low   Please call us at 877-296-3282 for more information.

  • Unlike bulky records management systems, our software programs are easy-to-use and navigate
  • Designed specifically for law enforcement with reports, alerts and features to effectively do your job.
  • Because our software is stable, secure and well-designed we can pass our cost savings to our clients.

L.E.A. Data Technologies offers three types of police and law enforcement databases and software programs.

Administrative Software

Specialized software designed for supervisors, administrators and managers:

Specialized Software

Software designed for Special Units:

Investigative Software

Designed to track the activity for specific types of police investigations:

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Available to agencies within the United States.